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Acsa Welker (she/her) is an actor, singer, and comedian born and raised in Roseville, California, (a cow town thirty minutes outside of Sacramento). She recently graduated with her BFA in Acting at Boston University's School of Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre and Spanish. She also completed four courses at the International Institute of Madrid in Spanish and European Studies.

Acsa discovered a love for Shakespeare at the age of twelve, where she was fortunate enough to be exposed to heightened text through the performance of it. Since then, her passion for language deepened through Shakespeare and broadened to contemporary text, musical theatre, and multi-lingual texts. That love for language evolved into a love for communication and community with one another.

Acsa is based in Boston and New York City. While much is uncertain: one thing remains unwaveringly true: Acsa loves to laugh, and make others laugh, too. 

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